The Penny Jar

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Like pennies, it seems the Basotho people of tiny, land-locked Lesotho, have often been passed by and considered of little value; forgotten because their land has little merit to the world. Mountain Kingdom Hope Foundation began in 2004 with a "penny jar campaign" aimed at collecting enough money to send Lesotho orphans to secondary school. With the proceeds of the penny jar campaign, seven Lesotho orphans attended secondary school during the 2005 school term; by 2008 over 100 orphans are enrolled in secondary schools throughout Lesotho. Read more about our history here.

Welcome to Mountain Kingdom Hope Foundation

Lesotho, extremely poor and ravaged by HIV/AIDS, has one of the highest HIV prevalence rates of all nations in the world.

An estimated 25 - 30% of adults carry the virus, 100,000 children have been orphaned, and 30,000 adults and children die each year due to this disease.

Land-locked and possessing few resources, only a small percentage of Basotho people have steady jobs.

There is no public funding for education past the seventh grade, leaving orphaned children to cope with the loss of their families, as well as their dreams of finishing school. With no support systems for children, economic aid for adults, or shelter and care for the dying, it is a land where hope is hard to find.

But with your support, we can provide hope and a future for Lesotho's orphans during their educational years and beyond.

The Bountiful Hope Educational Fund — the original charity and centerpiece of the Mountain Kingdom Hope Foundation - provides secondary schooling and the hope for a better tomorrow (post 7th grade) to Lesotho's orphaned children. Read more about the Bountiful Hope Educational Fund here.

In the next few months we will be expanding our website. Visit us again to discover how Mountain Kingdom Hope Foundation will expand beyond the Education Fund in the future.